What's wellnique about?


Our Mission

Sustainability is the key factor that today's society strives to achieve. With wellnique we discover, promote and create interesting change maker worldwide. Make the world suck less. 


China Trends

Chinese consumers are increasingly concerned about the environmental friendliness and chemical composition of the products they use. That’s why the consumer is using cross border e-commerce channels to get access to international brands supporting their values.


The Platform

Created as a response to China’s growing demand for safe & natural cosmetics & lifestyle products, wellnique is the platform for the sustainable consumer.

Providing clean ingredients, sustainable packaging and cruelty-free products, the platform not only offers purpose driven and eco-conscious alternatives to its users, but is simultaneously using business as a force for good. 

the wellnique standard



All products are formulated without harmful ingredients.


 All products are cruelty-free. They are not tested on animals.


All companies believe that it is their responsibility to give back, help others and to create a healthy life for everyone.


All companies are sourcing and manufacturing in a responsible and sustainable way. 


Be part of the movement!


We need to change the world. Wellnique wants to lead this change helping consumers and companies be a force for good. Join us to make this vision of a better future a reality: responsible, sustainable and beautiful.

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